By: Brian DeVault

One of the greatest challenges facing businesses today is finding employees with the right technical skillset to help your company. There is a shortage of qualified I.T. workers across the U.S.A. and enormous companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft are your main competition while recruiting. An often overlooked alternative to this problem is to hire a Managed Service Provider like NETRIO to manage your business technology needs for you.

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MSPs Reduce Hiring Expenses

One of the biggest benefits of having an MSP manage your business technology is that you won’t have to pay for recruitment, onboarding, training, payroll, benefits, turnover and other associated costs that come with hiring I.T. staff in-house. Another huge advantage to hiring an MSP instead of I.T. staff is the wide range of technology solutions, software and cybersecurity expertise that an MSP possesses.

Let’s say, for example, your organization currently uses landline telephones for communication, but next year the company decides to transition to VoIP, if your current I.T. staff does not have the experience and expertise required to implement that new system, you’ll have no choice but to bring in an outside consultant or hire more I.T. staff with that experience at even greater expense. It makes much more sense to have an MSP that is familiar with the ins and outs of all business technology systems.

MSPs Have A Surplus Of Qualified Staff

Unlike most organizations, MSPs are currently experiencing record numbers of applicants competing for careers with top providers. Applicants from all technical disciplines including cybersecurity, networking, communications and engineering are attracted to the novel challenges and growth potential that an MSP provides. Unlike a normal enterprise, professionals working for an MSP will experience new challenges from a wide variety of businesses and technologies that most employees will find more rewarding than working with the same people and technologies every day. MSPs also offer many opportunities for growth such as managerial positions, spearheading new initiatives, or building teams around themselves, not to mention great pay and benefits. This is why MSPs are able to attract such a wide variety of talented employees.

In almost every situation, relying on an MSP for your business technology needs will be more cost effective, faster to implement and executed better than if you hire an in-house I.T. staff. If you have any questions about your company’s technology needs, call NETRIO today at 214-888-8500.

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