By: Brian DeVault

As businesses grow, one inevitable problem that all organizations face is managing their communication flow and IT needs. How many unanswered emails do you have in your company’s inbox? There could be hundreds and you would have no idea what emails are going unanswered or who in the company is responding to what email chain. This miscommunication, confusion, and limited resources can lead to disaster down the road if it is not properly managed. Hiring a Managed Service Provider like NETRIO can help your company to more effectively deal with problems like these. An MSP will manage your company’s support systems and IT management to free up your team to better handle their day to day responsibilities.

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Having an MSP Saves Your Company Money

As a Managed Service Provider, NETRIO regularly assesses the existing systems that businesses use for customer support, email, telephones, file storage, and cybersecurity to help create new systems that reduce internal confusion, redundancy, inefficiencies and waste. We will work with you to help you understand just the exact nature of the problems your company is facing. When NETRIO is allowed to be a decision maker in the organization it allows you to stay focused on your area of expertise while allowing your MSP to focus on keeping your business running smoothly.

If you calculate how much a certain asset costs per hour and multiply that by how many hours per day is lost due to loss of productivity because certain things are not functioning properly within your business, and spread that across the whole company with hundreds of employees, the costs add up very quickly. You can eliminate all of this with one monthly rate by hiring an MSP who handles all of this for you.

Security Risks

Another huge problem your company could be facing is employees who try to solve technical problems on their own when they have no one to turn to for help. As your business grows, end users will find workarounds to problems such as work computers not working properly, lack of file storage or file organization systems, or losing their passwords to critical systems like company email; a concept called “Shadow IT”. Some examples of Shadow IT are end users using their own personal dropbox or Google Drive to store files when no company mandated file storage policy is in place or workers using their personal email to communicate with customers or coworkers when they cannot access their work email. This can leave company data out in the open for anyone to access, including hackers.

If a hacker gets a hold of any of your company’s personal information this could wreak havoc. They can block you from being able to access certain files needed to perform daily operations, or even freeze your company accounts causing employees or business partners to be unable to get paid. That is a whole other mess you don’t want to be exposed to.

Hiring a Managed Service Provider like NETRIO to assess problem areas in your business and implement common sense solutions will save you time and money in the immediate term and prevent an even larger disaster down the line.

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