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Fusion Connectivity

Connectivity is fundamental. With Fusion, we’re your partner in accessing the best of any network.

Simplifying the complexities of managing a multi-vendor environment with customizable and scalable solutions.

Today’s applications are increasingly dependent to having on demand access to networks that provide high performance and reliability. Applications and data are hosted on-premise, in data centers, and in the cloud. Providing access to the applications and data is key in driving any modern business. With Fusion Connectivity, we customize architecture and design to meet your unique business needs, so you don’t have to worry about how packets get from one place to another, but rather focus on what you do best, which is running your business.

As the industry’s first NOC as a Service company, NETRIO has more than 20 years’ experience managing and supporting network connectivity solutions for its clients. NETRIO’s approach goes beyond simple circuit management to include monitoring, remediation and management of the devices to which the circuits are connected, delivering a true managed edge solution. NETRIO has deep expertise in designing, delivering, remediating, and managing these solutions which provides a turnkey approach to connectivity solution management.

Today, NETRIO manages more than 100,000 circuits for customers ranging from technology service providers to large enterprises. With 150 agreements in place with connectivity providers around the globe, NETRIO can get you to nearly everywhere you operate.

NETRIO can provide you with the following connectivity solutions, all on one invoice, and a single point of contact for sales, support, and billing virtually anywhere in the world.

Due to the critical role played by network connectivity in facilitating interaction between end users and systems and the applications and data they require, it is vitally important to choose a partner that can not only provide the network connectivity solutions to meet your needs, but also one that can manage the infrastructure supporting and utilizing the solutions. This will result in more uptime, superior experiences, and more efficient overall operation.

NETRIO leverages our agreements with over 100 connectivity providers around the globe to deliver any type of connectivity solution to nearly everywhere in the globe. As your partner, NETRIO manages the entire process from solution design to lifecycle management – one number to call, one contract and one bill.

Why We’ve Got This? We combine network connectivity with our best-in-class NOC support and Managed Services.

From solution design to ongoing management and support, we’re maniacal about getting it right for our clients.

Solution Design

NETRIO provides secure, redundant/resilient, scalable solutions that are designed to meet business requirements.

Vendor Sourcing

Agreements in place with 100+ network providers, enabling the ability to select best-in-class vendors. Ability to price multiple vendors and technologies to design the best solution for the client.

Vendor Management

NETRIO handles pricing, contract management, vendor management & SLA management. NETRIO manages the vendor/provider services.

Project Management

A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to manage the process from contract to delivery by following a detailed project plan. This results in repeatable solution implementations, which is the key to driving the best service delivery experiences.

Implementation and Delivery

NETRIO will provide the expertise to implement the proposed solution by assigning an engineer with the appropriate skill to perform the implementation. Professional Services are also available to cover items out of scope.

Solution Management

Vendor agnostic proactive monitoring and management of the connectivity solution by NETRIO’s 24X7 support team, that monitors and manages the solution to ensure reliability by utilizing best-in-class network monitoring and management tools.

NETRIO manages the connectivity providers – so you can focus on running your business.

NETRIO has wholesale agreements with over 100 service providers globally, enabling you to focus on running your business instead of managing your connectivity providers. Oftentimes connectivity is driven by what service providers have a presence in the area to be serviced. It is important to have a partner that can work seamlessly with as many service providers as possible so that the optimal solution can be constructed.

Understanding the available options and matching them against requirements can be difficult at best. Having a partner to make sense of all the options to deliver the best solution for your business liberates you and allows you to focus on running your business.

A list of NETRIO’s service provider partners follows:

Why NETRIO Fusion Connectivity?

Scalability and Flexibility

Whether you need 1Meg or 10 Gig, designs that accommodate the growing needs of the business future proof your decisions and provide you with a connectivity solution that serves your business now and in the future.

High Availability and Redundancy

Our comprehensive network connectivity solutions can incorporate redundancy and high availability mechanisms to minimize downtime and ensure continuous network connectivity. This results in more time to conduct your day-to-day business and less time dealing with downtime.

Total Support Adapts to your Business Needs  

NETRIO’s team not only provides 24X7 operational support of the network connectivity solutions, but also has a finger on the pulse of changes in your business needs, providing a quick pivot to accommodate a fast-changing environment.

Cost Optimization

Our comprehensive network connectivity solutions can lead to cost optimization by allowing you to streamline network infrastructure, reduce complexity, and minimize the need for standalone systems. Including enhanced security, improved performance, and centralized management that can drive lower operational costs, minimize downtime and increase overall efficiency.


Monitor things from your end, or we’ll manage it for you—it’s entirely up to to you.


Things like business continuity and disaster recovery are of no concern. NETRIO’s network connectivity solutions are designed with the total business needs in mind so that the design covers all potential disruptions to your business.


Easily deploy, maintain, and administer your connectivity to simplify and consolidate business communications and network.


NETRIO has unmatched experience and capabilities in this space. We’re the best at what we do.


We’re high touch and customer-service focused. With Fusion, the entire network connectivity solution is managed for you. Our service delivery team allows us to offer you support 24/7/365, so if there are any issues, we manage them. This means we do a lot more for our customers than most, and we do it very well.


Businesses of all sizes have a unique set of needs and a budget to match. We source various vendors and leverage our buying power to deliver the right solution to match your budget. We’re technology-agnostic and will recommend the right solution as well as manage it for you – everything is seamless for our clients.

Process, Systems and Tools

With 20+ years’ experience managing connectivity, NETRIO has developed proven business processes and automation which is applied throughout the lifecycle – from implementation to management, monitoring and remediation. NETRIO leverages our best-in-class 24/7/365.

Customizable Solutions

We customize the solution to be specific to your needs, no matter what they are. Our engineers work with you to deliver the right type of connectivity and can design fully redundant designs leveraging different technologies over different paths.

World-Class Service

Just like everything else we do, we are wholly devoted to the relationships we have with our customers. That translates to white-glove
treatment that our competitors just can’t match. We’re also on call 24/7/365
to attend to anything unexpected.

Let us get started on your Connectivity Solutions today.

    “We sleep better at night knowing
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