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Network Operations Center as a Service is one of our core service offerings providing Remote Monitoring, Notification, and Management of Telecom Carrier Services and the Routers, Firewalls, or other Network Termination Equipment those services connect to. This service specializes in (but is not limited to) the monitoring and management of Private Circuits, MPLS, Metro Fiber, Internet Services, Point to Point, Broadband, DSL, 4G and more.

“Industries like telecommunications, financial services, manufacturing and the energy sector operate around the clock and need reliable, constant connectivity.”

“A NOC offers a seamless, continuously connected experience without prolonged downtime, malware infection, or poor network functionality.”

Outsourced NOCs enable a company’s primary technical staff to focus on core business functions.”

Hyperfocused on delivering the most Secure IT Services on the planet

Monitoring and Notification
We monitor the health, performance, and security of an organization's IT infrastructure and notify relevant stakeholders of any issues or incidents detected.
Carrier Management
Overseeing relationships with telecommunications carriers and service providers to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the organization's network infrastructure.
Incident Management
Detecting, analyzing, and resolving network and system-related incidents to minimize their impact on an organization's operations.
Vendor Notifications
Informing third-party vendors or service providers about incidents or issues that may require assistance or intervention to resolve.
Service Desk
Our centralized point of contact where users or customers can report IT-related issues, request assistance, and receive support.
Configuration Management
Systematic management and control of configuration settings, parameters, and assets within an organization's IT infrastructure.
Asset Inventory
Systematic tracking and documentation of hardware and software assets within an organization's IT infrastructure.

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Customer Impact:​


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  • What to Look For In Your Next (and Last) NOC Provider

    A NOC facility, also known as a Network Operations Center (NOC), is a location where IT technicians manage and monitor networks and servers 24/7 to support operational workflows and meet companies’ infrastructure requirements.

  • Improve Your Business With NOC-As-A-Service

    NOCs operate with IT experts to guarantee that networks continue to perform solidly 24/7/365, alerting you first in the case of any issues.

  • Why Should You Outsource Your NOC to NETRIO?

    Businesses recognize the need for constant monitoring of their networks, and some have dedicated facilities and staff to keep an eye on their IT operations 24/7.

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