By: Brian DeVault

Executives increasingly have turned to a cloud-hosted PBX system to meet their company’s telecommunication requirements. Why? Cloud-hosted PBX systems offer high-quality office communication features that adapt easily to today’s agile business demands at surprisingly low costs.

Small and medium-sized businesses now can enjoy the same benefits of cost-effective, agile telecommunications that the larger corporations rely on, with a cloud-hosted PBX system tailored to the size and needs of each enterprise.

Let’s look at when it may be time to consider moving your business to a cloud hosted PBX, what decisions you will need to make, and what integration concerns you should consider.

Is a cloud-hosted PBX right for your enterprise?
Consider your enterprise’s short- and longer-term goals, your business environment, and the needs of your team and your customers to determine whether a cloud-hosted system makes sense right now.

What decisions need to be made? What integration concerns should be considered? Here are a few key considerations:

  • Decide whether you want to switch over to VoIP or integrate with your current analog phone system.
  • It may be helpful to get input from your team on must-haves vs. wish lists for a new telecommunications system. Remember that cloud-hosted PBX systems are flexibly designed to address the specific needs of each enterprise.
  • Before diving in, make sure your Internet connection, cables, and the router will work well with a cloud-hosted PBX system. The best providers will assist you with that determination.
  • Security is always a concern. Make sure the provider you select is ready with the highest levels of security available for the system being offered.
  • Privacy is a vulnerability any time you exchange information via the Internet. Strong passwords that are changed regularly and security questions are your ally in protecting your company’s data and your team’s privacy.

A strategic and budget-friendly solution
Startups and established enterprises of any size need to stretch their budgets as they plan to grow their business. Here is what the right cloud-hosted PBX offers to support those goals:

  • A full-service, high-quality system with virtually zero dropped calls and a high level of responsiveness to customer calls;
  • A system that works seamlessly to support a more mobile workforce;
  • A system that is leveled for the current company size and that can adapt easily as the enterprise thrives;
  • A system that makes sense for companies in multiple locations;
  • Ease of use, even initially;
  • A system that offers a new type of data collection that can yield better customer data;
  • A significant ROI with a small initial investment (VoIP phones, the right cables and wiring) and virtually no maintenance costs; and,
  • A system that can withstand weather or fire emergencies or relocations, and get back up and running rapidly.

A cloud-hosted PBX enables an efficient, high-quality system that is agile, mobile, and customer-centric at an affordable cost. Whether you are ready to make the switch or just have questions about moving your business to a cloud-hosted PBX, consider contacting us at NETRIO. Our experts will be happy to assist.