By: Brian DeVault

The days of having a landline telephone service for your business are nearing an end. Nowadays if a business has access to the internet, they can get affordable telephone services that make daily business operations simpler for the workers that are always on the go. Cloud-based voice hosting services have options that you could not get before with a regular landline telephone system. Implementing a hosted voice service can help streamline the daily operations of your company in a number of ways.

  1. Makes It Possible For Employees To Have Access To Their Work Phone Line From Their Personal Electronic Devices.
    When you use a cloud-based voice hosting service, you can download apps on any Android or Apple operating system device that allows you to make and receive calls using your work number. No matter where you are you can use your work phone service.
  1. Hosted Voice Services Let You Transfer Calls Between Devices And Set Up Call Forwarding.
    Maybe you are in the middle of an important call at work but you have to leave the office to go to an appointment. Hosted voice services allow you to transfer any phone call to any of your devices. You can also forward calls from work to your mobile or home phone line.
  1. Enables You To Easily Access Your Voicemail From Anywhere.
    If you are on the road or at home, hosted voice services make checking your work voicemail quite simple. With the app downloaded on your cell phone, you can check your work voicemail with a simple click.

It also helps business operations to use the same number for work phone calls no matter what device you are using to make the call. Most cloud-based voice hosting services offer phone lines for a cheap monthly flat rate, contact us today and we’ll make it very cost-effective to set your business up.