White Label Service Provider Requirements


NETRIO is committed to the success of our partners.  Through our years of experience, we’ve learned that in order to be successful, your business should be able to satisfy the following criteria.

  • 3+ Employees
  • Commercial Office Location (United States Only)
  • 3+ Years in Business
  • 250+ Existing Endpoints with Managed Services Customers
  • $300k in Annual Revenue in Managed Services Contracts

Executive Sponsorship
The leadership of the organization must be committed to the Managed Services business model.  Influence starts at the top, and to ensure the organizations success, everyone involved, from strategic decision makers to daily operational staff must be aligned and have common goals and objectives.

A Strategic Plan
Having a strategy for your Managed Services offering is the first step towards achieving success.  This should be a documented approach towards how you will market, sell, deliver, and operationally support these service offerings.  We will review this plan with you and help you refine it based on best practices. 

Managed IT Services Experience
Organizations that have experience selling Managed IT Services understand the complexities of the process that surround the product suite.  Your organization should have a Technical Sales role that understands how businesses consume technology, what role Managed Services plays, and how to translate that into a value proposition.  This role in the organization is critical to the success of your Managed Services offerings.

Project Engineer
A critical role in the organization that provides support for the sales, delivery, and ongoing support for the customer.  This role works closely with the customer during the sales cycle, and then transitions into project management and implementation assistance during the onboarding phases.  After onboarding is complete, this role will work with the customer on a regular basis to make recommendations based on analysis of service delivery details and a clear understanding of the customers strategic goals and objectives.

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