We’ve Got a Sensor for That

We’ve Got a Sensor for That

Powerful Threat Detection and Incident Response for All Your Critical Infrastructure

CSP sensors give you deep security visibility into your cloud and on-premises environments. The sensors conduct scans, monitor packets on the networks, and collect logs from assets, the host hypervisor, and cloud environments. This data is normalized and securely sent to CSP for analysis and correlation.

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1 In each environment listed above, internet connectivity to your CSP instance is required.
2 Actual sensor performance may vary depending on environment, configuration, etc.
3 IDS throughput relates to on-premises network-based IDS. It applies to the VMware and Hyper-V sensor types only.

Additional sensors can be added to your CSP by retrieving additional sensor authorization codes from the Deployment UI page. You cannot exceed number of sensors that are included in your subscription, however you are not restricted on which mix of sensors that you use. You can purchase additional sensor licenses as you need.

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“We sleep better at night knowing
NETRIO is watching the network.”