By: Brian DeVault

Network monitoring and surveillance are becoming more important to successfully operating a firm.  Companies that experience hacking, downtime or network interruptions may subsequently provide poor service to clients. That results in lost sales and profitability. A small investment in this area goes a long way to securing the viability of a firm.

Security and surveillance may be the most important network feature. Firms apply multiple levels of encryption, anti-virus software, firewalls and other software.

Running penetration tests is another important way to keep up the latest surveillance strategies.  Using this tactic, the monitoring firm will send an innocuous virus and try to break into the network using various hacking strategies. If one of these works, the packet will send a signal to alert the company the methodology that was used. The surveillance firm can then patch that problem. This process is repeated until there are no more known holes in the system.

Further, if the network goes down for any reason, the network monitoring firm will have a responsibility to get it back up and running as soon as possible. An outside party can use software and network engineers to constantly monitor for functionality, speed, and uptime. If the network is experiencing problems, engineers can apply the fix required.

Most importantly, third party providers can customize for the needs of the firm. For example, do they have huge data analysis needs and need large processing power from their cloud provider?  Or, are they a financial institution that needs ultra-secure security? Maybe the firm has sales representatives all around the country and needs high-uptime, with constant data requests from thousands of users at one time.  In any case, a network monitoring firm can customize to the company’s needs.

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