By: Brian DeVault

As your business grows and you rapidly hire new employees to meet those demands, one of the most challenging aspects of this expansion is scaling your business’ technology. In this week’s White Board Wednesday episode, Mike and Brian discuss how a Managed Service Provider like NETRIO can help to meet that demand as well as provide predictable costs for each new hire. 

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NETRIO Understands How To Scale Business Technology

When NETRIO works with a business that is growing and hiring new employees at a rapid rate, we begin by analyzing what devices, services, software, and other tools your new hires will need and creates a system to rapidly deploy these resources as needed. When businesses try to rapidly scale internally, many times they will struggle simply because they are used to managing the needs of the existing setup and aren’t prepared to both manage the existing system and simultaneously set up technology for dozens or hundreds of new employees.

NETRIO is a specialist at scaling technology for businesses and can easily handle up to 600 new employees per month due to our expertise and large pool of resources to focus solely on enabling your team to grow. We work hand in hand with your organization as new hires are onboarded and ensure each employee is set up with the tools they need to hit the ground running.

Cost Predictability

Being able to reliably onboard new employees is obviously critical to the growth of an organization, but even more importantly you need to be able to predict the costs associated with onboarding each new employee to ensure costs are kept under control. That is where the MSP relationship is especially valuable. Let’s say, for example, that each new employee needs a laptop, email address and VoIP phone system set up and your MSP charges $100 per month per additional employee, it makes budgeting much easier to calculate when you know that the cost associated with each hire is fixed when handled by your MSP.

NETRIO will work with your organization to find out the exact technology needs of each new hire and will work with you to setup consistent pricing to simplify the entire process. NETRIO is your partner during onboarding and can dramatically reduce the strain and cost on your organization when hiring new employees. This reliability and consistency makes using an MSP for your business’ technology growth a no-brainer.

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