By: Brian DeVault

IT is a fast-changing and always evolving industry. This makes it increasingly difficult for in-house IT teams to stay up-to-date and manage IT effectively. Because of this, many companies choose to outsource enterprise IT support so they are able to focus on strategic initiatives that can drive business and move the needle forward. When choosing to outsource your IT services, you are gaining access to specialists and expertise in every area needed.

First, what is Managed IT Services and why should you consider outsourcing Enterprise IT support?

Managed IT Services, provided by a Managed Service Provider (aka MSPs), provide businesses the opportunity to outsource the management of IT assets and operations. MSPs can provide either partial or total outsourcing of IT responsibilities, depending on what service models they offer and what the client’s requirements are.

In addition, BBC has predicted at least 11.5% annual growth in managed IT services through 2021. The key drivers for this growth include cloud migration, cyber security, and cost reduction.

Furthermore, research firm Mighty Guides provided a report detailing “8 Experts On Outsourcing IT For Strategic Advantage.” The report found that small to mid-size companies are always transitioning. Many companies want to improve IT services while keeping costs low, but they realize that their teams are already overextended.

Knowing the benefits of outsourcing Enterprise IT support will help your company decide if the value is something that can work for your business.

Here are five reasons to consider outsourcing IT services:

1. Cost Savings

Saving money is one of the more surprising benefits to IT outsourcing. Hiring an in-house IT team can be costly, and outsourcing provides the support, while only paying for needed services. Ultimately, this will save your business money and provide peace of mind knowing your outsourced partner has you covered. There is also an added benefit of keeping your team small and specialized, leading to more control.

2. Access to Experts and Specialists

When you outsource your Enterprise’s IT, you are adding experts who know how to solve a variety of IT problems. MSP’s are hired for specific specialties; each employee has their own expertise and can quickly and efficiently solve issues. NETRIO utilizes state of the art software and an expert support delivery team to employ a proactive approach towards managing your IT environment.   The software provides real-time visibility into the status of critical IT assets so we can resolve problems before they become outages.

3. Increased Coverage Hours 

NETRIO is staffed 24 x 7 x 365 to provide around the clock US-based support services.  The Network Operations Centers operate in both McKinney, TX and Austin, TX, and we are equipped to deliver support services regardless of when they are required. Outsourcing your Enterprise’s IT management allows your team to sleep better at night knowing we have you covered.

4. Proactive Management is better than break-fix

Waiting until something goes wrong to fix it, will result in longer outages. Having a dedicated managed IT partner means they can identify and correct symptoms before they become outages.  An outsourced partner will be aligned with your business requirements.  This allows you to reap the benefits of predictable spending, lower costs, risk reduction, increased accountability, and regulatory compliance.

5. Stay Competitive

Small to medium-sized businesses do not have the same resources that larger businesses often have. When you add a highly trained outsourced team, you are increasing your library of resources, allowing you to keep up with larger companies, while maintaining the customer experience that exceeds your standards.

Outsourcing your Enterprise IT support allows your company to grow, save money, provides access to the latest technology and around-the-clock support. If you are interested in outsourcing managed services, contact NETRIO to chat through how we can provide value.