By: Brian DeVault

computer virus

There are millions of computer viruses around the world. Right at this very moment you could have a virus lurking on your computer waiting to attack. There are ways to avoid this from happening to you. Read on to learn more.

Likely Signs You Have A Computer Virus

Computer Viruses can be horrible and work just like the flu, spreading through your computers systems and networks. A big reason these viruses occur is so the person who assigned it can try to steal money from you or your company. Here are some reasons to tell you have a virus.

  • Your Computer Is Running At A Low Speed
    • When you open up websites or programs it takes much longer than usual to load
  • Random Pop Ups
    • Different pop ups show up that want you to click a random ad.
  • Unfamiliar Programs Appearing
    • When restarting your computer you notice programs running that you did not install yourself or are unfamiliar with
  • Your Computer is Often Crashed
    • You can be on any website in the middle of something and your computer just freezes or shuts off.
  • Strange Whistling sounds.
    • Your computer is working harder trying to run properly, almost sounding like it’s an engine starting up.
  • Emails Across The Board
    • Your colleagues, friends and family receive emails that were not sent by you, but say they were.
  • New Passwords And File Lockouts
    • You can no longer access the files you could and email passwords have been changed on you.
  • Antivirus Software
    • Your regular programs to detect viruses are no longer effective.

Ways To Stop A Virus From Attacking

One thing you can do is delete all the temporary files on your computer. The methods for cleaning these files are different between systems but are simple enough for the regular user to do. Learn more here – 7 Steps for Deleting Temporary Files on a PC.

If your computer is not working properly and stopping you from getting into your every day files to delete, you can try booting up in safe mode. Safe mode blocks certain programs and software so you can fix issues without being interrupted. Learn more here – Starting a Computer in Safe Mode.

Here are some other ways to prevent getting a virus.

  1. Have a Strong Password.
    • Think of something no one could guess easily. Avoid things like your social, phone number or birthday.
  2. 2-factor authentication.
    • Most applications and websites allow 2-factor authentication, so ensure you are using this option wherever possible.
  3. Stay On Guard.
    • It is easy to just see an ad and click it, but before you do this double check it is a safe website. You can ask your IT technician if this is a secure website. Even ask your Managed Service Provider before opening anything suspicious, such as NETRIO.

Should I Install an Antivirus Program or Hire a Managed Service Provider?

A system without an antivirus program is very similar to a house with an open door. Leaving your door open is like letting a burglar or intruder just walk in. In the same regard, not having an antivirus program is like letting a virus walk right into your computer and wreak havoc. An antivirus program will do the same thing as a locked door for your computer, not allowing viruses to enter.

If you work for a large organization, keeping track of antivirus programs across dozens, hundreds or thousands of machines can be a near impossible task. NETRIO is a great choice for a Managed Service Provider and has all the tools and smarts to identify and tackle computer viruses for your organization so your team can stay focused on running your business. Click here to learn more about NETRIO’s cybersecurity services.