By: Brian DeVault

It takes a dedicated and motivated staff to get the work done that’s needed in a business that is rapidly accelerating and growing every day. If you run into an issue where you find your staff not properly handling issues and the workload is backing up what should you do in this case? In this week’s White Board Wednesday episode, Mike and Brian discuss how a Managed Service Provider like NETRIO can help to meet that demand as well as find out if the budget is better spent trying to fix staff issues or hire a Managed Service Provider to do that aspect of the job for you and eliminate all the stress involved.

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NETRIO Understands How Stressful It Can Be When The Entire Team Isn’t Up To Par

When NETRIO works with a business that is growing and hiring new employees at a rapid rate, we understand that there is more to succeeding then just clocking in and showing up. Some companies will have many new hires but not exactly sure where to place them for which profession. It definitely can cause major issues when you have an abundance of service calls that need to be answered but let’s say, your receptionist is sending them to the wrong section of your business. Now you have customers calling and angry that issues aren’t being solved and a receptionist with no answers as to what happened. You could end up spending way more money trying to clean up work messes than it would have cost to have a professional and organized Managed Service Provider addressing those issues for you.

How Can You Put A Number On Budget Costs?

The best way to figure out how much it would cost to hire a Managed Service Provider is to estimate what you are currently spending by “not” having one. You may have employees unable to perform their jobs for an entire shift because of whatever reason, while still getting paid the same amount. If you eliminate the hours of the employee not getting anything done but getting paid, and say that money is being used for a MSP, now that same amount of money is leaving the budget as it was before, but the business needs are being met in a timely fashion. NETRIO will understand your business’ needs to ensure nothing is falling through the cracks.

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