By: Brian DeVault

There are several ways an enterprise can promote efficiency and savings when it focuses on specific areas of operation. Telecommunications are one such aspect that can foster the achievement of these objectives. Also, preparing for emerging trends in real-time communication is essential and SIP trunking positions organizations on course to make this a possibility.

Here is why considering SIP trunking for your enterprise is worthwhile:

It Extends The Capabilities Of Your Office Communications Server
It is possible to achieve more from your communications server to exceed its current capabilities with a SIP trunk. After installation, you will gain access to additional services including E9-1-1 emergency calling, which enhances the potential of your communication system. Additionally, the expectation is that ITSPs will avail new services in future.

These services will see more significant integration with mobile phones and presence information for devices without provision for Office Communicator becoming a reality.

It Eliminates IP-PSTN Gateways 
Saving on cost is one of the primary motivations for organizations that are taking to SIP trunking. That is because it connects directly to the ITSP without going through the publicly switched telephone network. The implication is that this allows you to eliminate the complexities and attendant costs of IP-PSTN gateways.

Additionally, some ITSPs do not require you to invest in user administration and PBX hardware. The ITSPs host the PBX for you to make that possible and this leads to fewer administrative, complexity and maintenance costs, which promotes significant savings.

It Eliminates Redundant Network 
The fact that a company has resources within the premises that are either underutilized or not in use is an unnecessary cost that increases operational expenses continuously. Identifying and eliminating such resources will help you direct the funds they reap elsewhere to gain profitability.

By deploying SIP trunking, you restrict your operations to a single, IP-based network. As such, this decision will help you recover the finances you are losing on redundant data and telephone networks. If you need more information on SIP trunking, contact us today!