By: Brian DeVault

You already know the internet has revolutionized nearly every aspect of business communication but what you may not know about is how easy and low-cost it is to make and receive phone calls using your high-speed internet service through VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). Even if you aren’t currently using VOIP technology in your business, you will want to consider using it for your toll-free phone numbers.

Three reasons why your business should use a Toll-Free VOIP instead of a traditional 1-800 phone service:

  1. You can have multiple toll-free VOIP numbers which are helpful if you need versatility – perhaps you want some numbers to appear strictly local while others appear on out-of-town advertisements that you want to track. A toll-free VOIP number can be forwarded to your cell phone which allows you or your employees to escape the cubicle and spend more time out in the field interacting with customers.
  2. Yes, you can still get a toll-free vanity number using VOIP. Even though a lot of numbers have already been spoken for, you don’t have to use your business name, for instance, you can use your service instead whether you provide roofing materials or dog grooming or medical supplies you could incorporate that into your vanity number.
  3. VOIP technology can be far more cost-effective because you don’t need special equipment. All you need is high-speed internet service, which you probably already have, and the desire to escape your costly traditional phone service bills.

Providing a toll-free number for your customers is still an important part of quality customer service, but now it’s more affordable and easier to use. If you would like to learn more about how VOIP technology can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.