By: Brian DeVault

In this series, we address the need for multiple layers of cybersecurity protection for businesses. Cybercriminals don’t stop, they never sleep, they never rest, and they don’t take time off on the weekends and holidays. Organizations must defend themselves from an increased rate and frequency of attacks using safeguards that overlap, limiting access points into their environments, and training end users to detect bad actors and malicious intent.

We will cover the 8 critical areas of cybersecurity and technology you can leverage to protect your organization. This 8-part series will discuss strategies around the following methods of proactive defense.

1. Identity Protection and Access Management
2. Endpoint Security
3. Email Security
4. Data Protection
5. Network (and Internet) Security
6. End User Training
7. Mobile Security
8. Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Incident Response Planning

Join us in the journey as we cover these 8 very important ways you can proactively defend your organization against threats.