By: Brian DeVault

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hottest new technical concepts. It describes the greater and greater ability of machines to talk to one another through internet connectivity. It is the technology that allows you to turn off your office lights through an app on your phone anywhere in the world. It allows machines to coordinate towards a single goal of reducing energy use, updating conditions, directing phone calls and a thousand other potential tasks. Monitoring IoT networks is also crucial for enterprises, carriers, telecom companies, ISPs and call centers among other firms.

Monitoring Solutions
Now that IoT is so important, more and more methods to monitor these networks are emerging. Tools allow firms to use dashboards to observe an entire network in real time. They can isolate trouble spots for more information and also get performance updates on the entire system.

When the power goes down or there are disturbances in the network, administrators instantly know. Similarly, if the network is hacked or data is being downloaded faster than guidelines permit, the administrator can instantly determine the source of the issue.

Importantly, new tools allow organizations to remotely manipulate the networks to match their preferences. For example, if they want to direct more broadband to a certain node or cluster to increase processing power, that is certainly possible. These capabilities continue to grow exponentially, allowing teams to do more and more from a single interface.

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