Deploying Cyber Secure Plus is Fast and Easy

Deploying Cyber Secure Plus is Fast and Easy

Powerful Threat Detection and Incident Response for All Your Critical Infrastructure

Deploying Cyber Secure Plus is Fast and Easy

CSP consists of a highly scalable, two-tier architecture to manage and monitor every aspect of your cloud and on- premises security. CSP collects and normalizes data from your cloud and on-premises environments and securely transfers that data to CSP for centralized collection, security analysis, threat detection, and compliance- ready log management. The only thing we deploy is the sensors into your environment. AlienVault maintains, secures, and updates CSP automatically.

From Installation to Security Insights in 3 Simple Steps

1. NETRIO deploys a CSP Sensor in your cloud or on-premises environment.

2.Log into your CSP account—the control center for your hybrid cloud security. Follow the installation wizard to identify the log sources and network segments to be monitored.

3.Start monitoring for threats and malicious activities. From CSP Dashboard, you can schedule vulnerability scans, search and analyze your data, and orchestrate your security responses and alarms.

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Data Storage in Cyber Secure Plus
Dedicated, Single-Tenant Data Store

When you send sensitive security-related data to a security monitoring solution in the cloud, you want to ensure that your data is protected and leak-proof. That’s why CSP uses a single-tenant data store architecture to securely manage all of our customers’ accounts.

With CSP, your data is stored in its own dedicated container, which is completely isolated from other customers’ data. Whereas multi-tenancy is prone to data leakage and breakage that can affect multiple customer accounts, especially as SaaS providers scale, single-tenancy ensures that all customers’ data is kept separate and leak-proof. It’s a better architecture for you and for us.

Compliance-Ready Cold Storage

CSP supports long-term log retention, known as “cold storage.” By default, CSP enables
12 months of cold storage with the ability to extend your long-term storage capacity. In addition, CSP supports a “write once, read many” (WORM) approach to prevent log data from being modified. Logs can be readily requested for a specific date range from within CSP as needed.

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