By: Brian DeVault

Long ago, the telegraph revolutionized communications. Suddenly, travel was no longer necessary to send information. When phones became commercially available, they quickly replaced the telegraph system. With each new leap in communication, the old way eventually gets phased out. Phone services still have their uses, but are no longer the ideal technology for large-scale corporate use, especially in the case of call centers. Here is a quick summary of the top three reasons to switch your call center to VOIP instead:

Easy to Scale
Phone lines are a hassle to install, and each new line you need requires additional installment, and unused lines still cost you. With VOIP, the ‘lines’ are entirely virtual, and the numbers are not reliant on a single line or physical phone. Your staff can grow, shrink or everyone can swap desks and it’s still easy to adjust your plan and have everyone keep their assigned numbers to boot!

Business Management Software
Instead of running through a separate system, VOIP runs through computers and mobile devices, and the data can be hooked directly into your CRMs and other business management software. Calls can be automatically transcribed and added to client CRM entries, call times can be calculated for efficiency, and workflow can be fine-tuned for the best possible results.

The Phone Bill
Here’s the best part about VOIP: You’re already paying for high-speed internet in big-business quantities. Business phone bills can be impressively hefty, especially for your call center in which representatives are on the phones all day long. On the flip side, VOIP takes up a surprisingly small amount of bandwidth because simple sound data just isn’t that large.

There’s no need to pay another month of inflated phone costs for less than perfect service. VOIP is the ideal solution for the modern call center. Whether you’re a large corporation or a modestly sized nonprofit organization, VOIP is an efficient and affordable way to handle a lot of daily phone calls. For more information about making the switch, contact us today. Our VOIP experts are ready to set up the perfect call center solution for your business.