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Microsoft Intune is an Azure cloud-based service (requires no infrastructure) that helps enable your workforce to be productive while keeping your corporate data secure.  NETRIO provides the expertise to guide your deployment, implementing best practices and known working configurations from start to finish.

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Why Choose Microsoft Intune

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    Supported Platforms

    • Windows
    • MacOS
    • iOS
    • Android

    Key Features

    • Integrated Endpoint Management Platform
    • Secure Desktop and Mobile Environments
    • Most Productive End User Experiences
    • Comprehensive Security & Data Protection

    Manage Devices | MDM

    With Intune, we manage your devices using an approach that fits your business requirements.  You may want full control of the devices that access your corporate assets, including settings, features, and security.  Once users are enrolled, they receive your security policies and settings from Intune.

    If you allow users to use their personal devices, otherwise known as bring-your-own-devices (BYOD), users may not be willing to allow you to control all settings.  In these cases, you can force multi-factor authentication (MFA) for MS Office apps.

    Once devices are Intune enrolled, NETRIO can:

    • INVENTORY – who and what devices are connected
    • SECURITY – only support up-to-date devices
    • NETWORK – control network connections and VPN
    • REPORTING – see compliant devices and users
    • PROTECTION -remotely wipe data or lock a lost or stolen device

    Manage Applications | MAM

    Mobile Application Management (MAM) with Intune is capable of protecting organizational data at the application level.   You can help secure access from personal devices by limiting actions users can take such as Copy & Paste, Save, and Viewing of Data.

    Application Protection Policies allow you to isolate organization data from personal data and can be applied to devices that are participating in Intune MDM as well as not enrolled devices.

    • DEPLOY  – add and assign mobile apps to devices
    • CONFIGURE – configure apps with specific settings
    • REPORT – see which apps are used and how often
    • RESTRICT – access to your organizational data
    • COMPLIANCE -require mobile devices to be compliant with organizational standards

    Microsoft Endpoint Manager

    All of this functionality comes together with Microsoft Endpoint Manager for Intune.  EPM gives you the ability to perform device management, including Intune and Azure Active Directory to manage client apps.

    Control Endpoint Security using native technology with Microsoft Defender ATP, Disk encrytion, firewalls, endpoint detection and response, attack surface reduction and account protection.

    Other features include:

    • MDM/MAM – managed devices and applications
    • WINDOWS 10 – manage Windows 10 Computers
    • DEVICE COMPLIANCE – restrict, audit and permit
    • SECURITY – control antivirus, firewall, and attack protections
    • REPORT – enrollment, compliance, usage, health

    NETRIO has partnered with many early adopters of Microsoft Intune to achieve extraordinary results.  Organizations have control over who accesses corporate assets from which networks and allows them to control what actions are taken with that data.   Intune offers a level of data protection that allows corporations to enforce data privacy.

    “The amount of protection and control we have over our data now that we have Intune deployed is unprecedented

    — Chief Security Officer | GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR


    NETRIO is a leader in the Managed Services industry and provides innovative solutions for customers looking for the management of Microsoft Intune deployments.  From Best Practives for Microsoft Intune and experienced deployment resources, NETRIO can help.
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