Trouble Reporting And Escalation Procedures

When reporting a trouble to NETRIO, the customer will be asked to supply as much diagnostic information as is available. To obtain status of a trouble ticket, or to report a trouble and obtain a trouble ticket number, please contact our Network Operations Center (NOC):

214-888-8500; Option 2 or email at support@netrio.com or complete the support request form at https://www.netrio.com/support

Please provide as much detail describing the issue and the affected services including Service Address & Circuit ID (if applicable) or if Voice Services please include the called or calling telephone number.

NETRIO will normally categorize troubles according to their severity and the perceived impact on the customer’s business operation. The following table shows these categories and definitions.

Priority SLA Response Description Update Frequency
1: Critical 30 Minutes Emergency/Hard-Down Hourly
2: High 120 Minutes Bouncing or Intermittent Outages Every 4 Hours
3: Medium 240 Minutes Client Initiated Request Every 24 Hours
4: Low 24 Hours Client Information Request Every 48 Hours

Support Escalations

Trouble Escalation List for NETRIO

During the course of resolving a trouble, the NOC will initiate escalation procedures at pre-defined times. These procedures are intended to alert progressively more senior levels of the NETRIO management, and to involve them in the resolution process when necessary. The NETRIO internal escalation trigger points and timelines are shown in the following table:

Escalation Critical Major Minor
1st 1 Hour 2 Hours 4 Hours
2nd 2 Hours 4 Hours 8 Hours
3rd 3 Hours 8 Hours 16 Hours
4th 4 Hours 16 Hours 32 Hours


If for any reason you are not satisfied with the response or handling of your trouble, please escalate all issues as follows

To ensure that NETRIO management is fully engaged and/or aware of any situation the CLIENT deems necessary, the CLIENT may require escalation beyond the NOC Resources.  The escalation path would include:

Step Description Includes Email Telephone
1 Escalation Team-1 Shared Staff escalations@nocoperations.com 972-591-1922
2 Escalation Team-2 Shift Lead and Manager On Duty escalations2@nocoperations.com 214-888-8500 Option 2
3 Escalation Team-3 Director & VP escalations3@nocoperations.com 214-888-8504
4 Escalation Team-4 CTO/COO escalations4@nocoperations.com 214-888-8518